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Contacts Overview

Here’s an overview of the Contacts section of your system. We’ll show you how to add, export, search, and filter through your contact records to stay organized.

Step 1: Access your Contacts section. 

  • Navigate to Contacts.
  • The main page displays a list of all your contacts and basic information like name, phone number, email, when they were created, last activity, and tags. 
  • By dropping down the columns menu at the top, you can update which columns are displayed.

Step 2: How to Search and Filter through your contacts.

  • You can also use the Quick Search feature to do a quick search by name, email, business name, tag, or phone number.
  • Under More Filters you can Filter through contacts using a variety of specific options including Tag is ___, City is Not ___, Phone Number Field is Empty, and more…
    • NOTE: Check out our Smartlist video/article to learn more in depth about how to use and save these filters. You can use multiple at once to filter out Contacts very specifically.

Step 3: Additional Actions

  • Using these Actions icons at the top, you have several options for adding or removing contacts, and applying bulk actions. Our Bulk Actions tutorial gives a full overview of each of these actions. The most foundational are:
    • Add contact: manually add an individual contact record
    • Export Contacts: select a list of contacts to export to your computer (the file will download as a .csv Excel file)
    • Import Contacts: Add a list of contacts into your system, using a .csv file
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