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How To Customize a Form Or Survey

You can edit a specific form or survey to fit your needs. From content to stylistic changes, you can completely customize the appearance and information in a form or survey. Follow these steps to create your perfect form or survey:

Step 1: Navigate to the Form Builder (or Survey Builder) from the menu on the left side of your screen. Here we’ll show you how to edit a Form, but the process is the same for the Survey Builder.

Step 2: Click into the Form you want to edit, or Create New Form.

Step 3: On the righthand side you’ll see all the options for editing your Form. 

  • Under “Fields”, you can click-and-drag standard and custom fields onto the form/survey. After you click-and-drag, click on the specific field and the right menu will now allow you to change the field text.
  • Under “Styles” you can change the font color, background color, border and more.
  • Under “Options” you can change the form name, add Facebook Pixel information, and more.

NOTE: you can’t make system-wide, permanent edits to standard fields. This action must be done form by form, or survey by survey.

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