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How To Set Up Calendar And Appointment Booking Triggers

This tutorial will teach you how to set up calendar and appointment booking triggers, so when somebody books an appointment, the system will fire off a chain of events based on that appointment that they self-booked.

Step 1: Create a Trigger

  • Navigate to Triggers and create a trigger.
  • Give it a name such as “Customer Booked Appointment” or “Appointment Booking Trigger”.
  • For Part 1, choose “customer booked appointment” to fire off the action.
    • NOTE: You can add a filter to specify a particular calendar you want this trigger to work for, you can leave it without a filter to apply to any/all calendars.
    • You can also add additional filters as needed.
  • For Part 2, choose whatever actions you want to have happen when someone books an appointment.

Common examples of what you may want to automate:

  • Remove the Contact from a Campaign
    • You may want to remove them from all campaigns (maybe they’ve been added to some lead nurturing campaigns, etc.), or you can just remove them from a specific campaign.
  • Add the Contact to Campaign
    • If you want to remove the contact from previous campaigns but then add them to a new campaign, be sure to set the REMOVE action first so as to not cancel out the ADD action. The system will process the Part 2 actions in order.  (You don’t want them to be removed from the campaign you’re trying to add them to.)
  • Add or Update Opportunity
    • If the contact is already a lead in your pipeline, you can push them further along in the stages, and move them along your pipeline.
  • Send a reminder email and/or SMS to the customer
  • Send a reminder email and/or SMS, or a notification, to yourself
    •  if you want to send yourself a notification when someone books an appointment, you can create an email, a notification, or an SMS. You can use custom values to include the customer’s information, appointment date/time, etc. and set the trigger up to notify you so you’re aware of the booked appointment.

There are many options for setting up the trigger, and you can completely customize this for your individual business needs and preferences. You can keep it simple, or customize it out using filters to make it very specific. However you choose to do it, you can set up the trigger automation to help with efficiency in your business so the trigger actions fire off automatically for you. That’s the great thing about triggers!

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