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How To Use Webhooks in Workflows

Using a webhook with Zapier or another program, you can export date from the system to another platform or system. This is useful if you are utilizing multiple systems and want to export information from the CRM. (Check out our Webhook setup article if you need an overview on how to create and use Webhooks.)

Within the Workflow builder, perhaps you want to use form information or a booked appointment to fire off a webhook action. You can start with that action as a trigger within the Workflow builder, and that will fire off a webhook action.

Here’s a sample workflow/webhook example:

  • Create a Workflow Trigger for an action such as Form Submitted, Survey Submitted, or Customer Booked Appointment.
  • Click the + to add an action to your Workflow.
  • Choose Webhook.
  • In the popup, name your action and add the URL (from Zapier or any other webhook source you are using).
  • Save your changes to activate the webhook.

NOTE: The specific type of information that comes through will depend on what you set up in the webhook; meaning a form will pull through form data, an appointment will pull through appointment and contact data, etc. 

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