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Using the Conversion List for Google Ads with Triggers and Workflows

Follow these steps to use the Conversion List for Google Ads with your Triggers and Workflows:

Step 1: Adding the Conversion action in your Google Ads account

  • Within your Google Ads account, navigate to Tools & Settings from the menu.
  • Click “Conversions” under the Measurement menu.
  • Click “+New Conversion Action” to add.
  • To start tracking conversion, choose the import option from the list that appears.
  • NOTE: Choose what you want to import and select the right button (Google Analytics UA, Google Analytics 4 properties, third-party app analytics, salesforce, or other). If you wish to track clicks on a page or calls initiated by the user, be sure to choose those option from the selectable choices:

Step 2: Set Up the Goals

  • In the “Goal and action optimization” dropdown, choose “Imported Lead”.
  • For the Conversion name, match the name to exactly what will be in your Workflow (Step 3 below).
  • Select a Value. You can use same, different, or don’t use any value.
  • Determine the count, either “every” or “one”.
  • Determine the Click Through conversion window. 
    • Set this to 90 days and set the Attribution Model as “First click”

Step 3: Setting up the Workflow Action

  • Within the Workflow, add a step/action for “Add to Google Adwords”
  • Select “Other” for Conversion.
  • Insert the Conversion name (exactly as named in Step 2 above). 
  • Click Save and Publish to confirm your changes.

NOTE: In order for the conversion to pass through to Google Ads, the contact record/opportunity must have been created from a URL with a gclid parameter. Also, it may take approximately 24 hours for the conversion list to populate. 

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