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Workflow Abandoned Cart Template

If a lead abandons their cart and does not make a purchase, you may want to set up a Workflow to automate some actions, from a follow up email to a reminder call, or anything else that makes sense for your particular use case. Follow these steps to create and use Workflows for an Abandoned Cart sequenceL

Part 1: Setting Up the Workflow to Detect and Follow Up with an Abandoned Cart

Step 1:  Setting up the First Workflow Trigger

  • Navigate to Workflows and Create a New Workflow
  • Select “Order Form Submission” as your Workflow trigger
  • For filters, select your funnel/website and set your submission type as “Optin”.
    • NOTE: if you don’t specify a funnel/website, then the trigger action will apply for all Order Form Submissions.
  • Save the trigger to add it to your Workflow.

Step 2: Setting Up a Wait Step

  • Set up a wait step to allow users some time to make the purchase before stating that they abandoned their cart.
  • Select “Add your first action” then scroll down under “Conditions and Workflows” and select “Wait
  • Select the amount of time it would take before the cart is abandoned and click save. 
  • Save the action.

Step 3: Setting Up an Abandoned Cart Contact Tag

  • Add another Step and  select “Add contact Tag
  • Type in “Abandoned Cart” to add a tag that signifies that the user abandoned their cart and click save to add this action.

Step 4: Add a method to follow up.

  • Select Add to add an additional action, and choose from the list what should be automated.
  • Here you can add a follow up email or SMS to the contact, schedule a manual call, or even create an internal notification.

Part 2: Create a Second Workflow to Remove Abandoned Cart Labels When A Purchase Is Made

Step 1: Create a Second Workflow

  • Select “Order Form Submission” as your Workflow trigger
  • Set your filters to select your website/funnel and your submission type as “Sale”.

Step 2: Remove abandoned tag filter and remove from first Workflow.

  • Add another Step.
  • Select “Remove Contact Tag” and Choose the “abandoned cart” tag you created in Part 1.
  • Add another step. Select “Remove from Workflow”.
  • Select“Another Workflow”.
  • Select the name of the first Workflow you created in Part 1.
  • Save your changes to the action.
  • Save and publish the Workflow.
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