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Bulk Actions – Deleting Contacts

Using the Bulk Actions features in your Contacts/Smart Lists section, you can perform multiple one-off actions to selected or all contacts. Here’s how to delete contacts using the bulk action feature:

Step 1: Choose Your Contacts 

  • Navigate to your contacts.
  • Check the box to select contact records.
  • You can also check the box at the top to select all on that page, and you can click the hyperlink to select all contacts in your system.

Step 2: Choose Your Action

  • Choose the trashcan icon for “Delete Contacts”.
  • This will remove the selected contacts from the system entirely.

NOTE: Deleting any contact will also remove them from Conversation, Notes, Opportunities, Tasks, Appointments, Manual Actions and Campaigns.

NOTE: If you cannot see the delete option, please contact your account admin regarding your permissions

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