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How to Setup and Configure a New Domain or Subdomain

Adding a domain to your system will allow you to create and use the website and/or funnels features. The domain is the web address, such as or You will need to create a domain within a registrar, such as Cloudflare, GoDaddy, etc. Then you can add your domain to the system to start using it. Follow these steps below too configure your new domain:

Step 1: Create A Record to Connect Your Domain

This will be done in your registrar (such as Cloudflare or GoDaddy). Depending on your domain host this can be done one of two ways:

  • (Recommended) You can add a CNAME record for your root domain, or for any sub-domains with the value
  • (Alternative) You can also use an A name for your root domain specifically, pointing to

Step 2: Add Your Domain to Your System

Within your system, you’ll need to add your domain in order to use it for funnels or websites.

  • Navigate to Settings > Domains
  • Here you’ll see a list of any Domains you already have, or you can add a new one.
  • Click “Add New Domain” to add a new one.
  • In the popup, add your domain, such as or
    • NOTE: Ensure you have an A record pointing to or a CNAME record pointing to for in domain within the (). (This would have been completed in Step 1 above.)
  • (You may ignore the Robots.txt code).
  • Click “Add” to add the Domain to your list.
    • NOTE: If you see the error message “Couldn’t find a CNAME/A record pointing www to” then you may have something in your DNS settings input incorrectly, or perhaps you spelled something wrong. Double check your Domain and try again.

Here you can add a full domain such as or you can add just the root domain such as (without the www portion).

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