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How to Override Calendar Availability

You may want to schedule an appointment manually, at a time you’re not typically available. For example, maybe your normal scheduling availability is Monday-Friday 8am-4pm, but you want to make an exception for someone and book an appointment at 5:00pm on a Thursday with them. Follow the steps below to manually schedule an appointment outside your default availability. (You may also use this manual appointment booking process for appointment scheduling within your regular availability.)

NOTE: in the Teams Calendars this is only an option if you’re an assigned user within the specific calendar.

Step 1: Accessing the Calendar

  • Navigate to your Calendar section.
  • Choose the calendar this appointment is for, using the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Creating the Appointment

  • Click into the date/time you wish to schedule the appointment for, even if it is outside of normal availability.
  • In the popup window, you’ll see two options. Choose “Book an Appointment”.
  • Select the Contact you wish to create the appointment for.
  • Fill out the appointment details and click “Save Appointment” to add the appointment to your calendar.
  • Your appointment will now appear in your calendar at the date/time you chose.
    • You may click into the appointment to edit or delete it anytime.
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