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Calendar Sync Options

There are different options for syncing the calendar in your system. It is important to understand these options, to ensure you choose the best option for your business.

Step 1: Access the Calendar Settings.

  • Under Settings, navigate to Calendars.
    • Or under Calendars, navigate to Calendar Settings
  • Click “New Calendar” to create a new calendar, or click the … and choose edit to update an existing calendar.

Step 2: Choose the Sync Option that’s right for you. In the pop-up window, under “Team & Event Setup” scroll to sync option and choose one-way, two-way, or disable trigger. The associated actions for each option are described below:

  • One-way sync: The calendar events from the Google calendar will be shown in grey. One-way sync will not add those invited in the Google event into your system. One-way sync will sync the Appointments from your system to the Google calendar. This is recommended for most situations.
  • Two-way sync: All calendar events from the Google calendar will be colored. Your system will determine who is invited in the Google event, create a contact record for them , and fire off triggers associated with the calendar.
  • Smart: when a Google calendar event is created and the contacts associated were not found in the system, the system will not add them as contacts. It will block the time off in the calendar (event color = gray). When a Google calendar event is created and the contacts associated were found in the system, it will appropriately color-code the event in the system and will fire off associated triggers.
  • Disable Trigger: All event contacts from the Google Calendar will be pulled into the system as new contacts. No triggers associated with the system calendar will fire.
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