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Forwarding Address and BCC in Email Setup

There are many options for setting up your email within the Settings, to include a forwarding address, BCC, or even forwarding to an assigned user. Here we’ll explain each:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > SMTP and MailGun Service. Here you will see Forwarding AddressBCC Emails, and a toggle for Forward to assigned user. Choose your preferences based on the descriptions below:

  • Forwarding address: Email replies will be sent to the chosen email inbox and will also be viewable in Conversations. (You can use more than one email address separated by a comma).
  • BCC emails: You will receive a copy of every email that is sent from that account.  (You can use more than one email address separated by a comma).
  • Forward to assigned user: Toggle this feature on or off for the specific user assigned to the particular lead to receive the email replies within their user email.

Step 2: Click Save to save your changes.

NOTE: With the forwarding address setup, if you reply to an email from a lead directly in your email inbox, it will not sync back into the system.

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