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How To Use an Image Element in the Funnel Builder

When creating funnels, using images is a crucial part to make a funnel standout. In this article, we will cover how to utilize images and set them up correctly. 

Within the funnel builder, once you’ve added an image, you’ll see “Image Settings” on the left side of the screen. There are 3 tabs – General, Themes, and Advanced. Toggle between the three sections of settings to customize the image as you wish.

Step 1: Navigate to Image Settings > General

  • In some instances, it may be appropriate to apply spacing options (padding and margins) to image elements. This will set certain spacing/padding settings for images that could alter the images dimensions.
  • Instead of adding padding or margins to image elements, it is best to use the alignment setting to change the location/placement of the image.
  • Image elements contain similar settings to all other elements. The most important settings for image elements are the dimensions for the image. Making sure the dimensions are optimal allows for the image to have the proper responsiveness for different screen sizes and legibility.
  • Some images require actions to be assigned to them when they are clicked on. Using the action setting, you can set an action that can open a pop-up or takes the user to an external link.

Step 2: Navigate to Image Settings > Themes

  • Adding themes to images applies preset design features such as borders, drop shadows, and rounded corners. This is a quick way to customize the image element if you do not need to tweak any other settings of the theme.

Step 3: Navigate to Image Settings > Advanced

  • Here you can tweak the settings that make up the effects of the image themes in the themes tab.
  • Image Radius can be modified so that the image element is circular or have rounded corners.
  • Image Shadow allows for the image element to have different drop shadows to give a sense of depth. There are several types of drop shadows that can be applied to the image element to suit the application of the image.
  • If a full color image is not what you would like, the Image Effects setting allows you to change the image element to a black and white image.
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