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How To Use Multiple Triggering Events in Workflows

Using the Workflow builder, there are numerous possibilities to completely customize the triggers and actions for your business needs.

Some workflows may be based on one triggering action, while others may be created using several triggers. For example, perhaps you want to add contacts to your Facebook audience based on a specific form being submitted, or a specific survey being submitted, a particular tag being added, or an appointment booked in a certain calendar. You can set up a workflow using all 4 triggers to lead down the same workflow path of actions.

Step 1: Set up the Workflow Triggers

Here you can see 4 triggers have been added to the Workflow. If kept generic without filters, any survey submission, any contact tag, any form submission, and any appointment would fire off the actions.

  • Customize the filters for each trigger to specify which survey, tag, form, and calendar you would like to have the Workflow run for.

Step 2: Set up the Workflow Actions

  • Add whichever action(s) you’d like into the Workflow
  • Save and Publish the Workflow, and it will run for the multiple triggers you’ve set up.
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