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How To Set Up Automated Calls And Voicemail Drops in a Workflow

Within the Workflow builder, you may want to setup an automated sequence of calls and voicemail drops. Here’s a sample Workflow showing you how you can create this based on a tag.

  • Create a new Workflow.
  • In the Workflow builder, add a trigger for “Contact Tag” and determine which tag you want this to be based on. 
    • Use the “Filters” to choose a specific tag.
    • NOTE: If you do not specify a certain tag, this will run on any contact tag. It’s important to choose the appropriate tag for your business use. Do you want the workflow to run off a tag based on appointment bookings? Or maybe a tag that you added to a marketing list of contacts you imported into your system? Choose that appropriate tag here.
  • Save this trigger and then add your Workflow actions.
  • In this example, we’ve added “Assign to User”, “Call”, “Voicemail”, and an “Internal Notification”. You can customize these communications as you’d like, adding or removing actions.
  • Save and publish the Workflow for it to function.
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