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How To Block Off Time In A Calendar

You may want to block time out of your standard availability in your calendar, for a variety of reasons, including being away/out of office, or having something outside of your system scheduled during that time. You can also block off time for others within their calendars too. Follow these simple steps to block off time in your calendar.

Step 1: Creating Blocked Time

  • Navigate to Calendars
  • Click into the calendar you wish to block time off for.
  • Click the date and time you wish to start blocking time as unavailable. A pop-up window will appear with 2 options:
  • Choose “Add Blocked Off Time”
  • Select the User from the dropdown, to block the time off in their calendar.
    • NOTE: You can use the Calendar drop down in the top right to toggle between different Users’ calendars, and even within a particular User’s calendar, you can still determine who the time blocked off is for – just be sure to select the correct User in the popup when adding the blocked time. (For example, you could be viewing John’s calendar, but in the popup you decide to add blocked time into Sally’s calendar.)
  • Fill out the popup appropriately, including the timezone, start and end day/time, and a title/description too.
  • Click “Save Event” to add the blocked off time in to the calendar.
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