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How to Duplicate or Copy a Workflow

Duplicating, or cloning, a Workflow can save you time if you wish to create a new Workflow that’s similar to one you already have. Perhaps you have a Workflow already built and you want to create another one with a comparable setup. Rather than starting from scratch, you can clone the original Workflow and then make the few necessary changes. This can save you time and help you work more efficiently.

Step 1: Navigate to Workflows

Step 2: Click the Clone/Copy icon on the right side of the Workflow you wish to clone.

Step 3: Name the new Workflow.

  • In the popup window, name your new Workflow.
  • Click “Create” to clone the Workflow.

Step 4: Edit the New Workflow

  • Click into the newly cloned Workflow to start building/editing the cloned version.
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