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How To Set Up Payment Plans In Funnels

You may want to set up a payment plan with an end date for products in your funnel, to charge a recurring amount over a period of time. Maybe you have a product that is $100.00 total and you want to charge $50.00 per week for 2 weeks. Or perhaps you have a product that costs $50.00 total that you want to split into two $25.00 payments. Or, you could have a product that is $300.00 and you wish to charge $50.00 per month for 6 months. Whatever the scenario may be, you can set that up in your Stripe account and the Funnel Builder. Read on to learn how!

Step 1: Set up the Stripe account product.

  • Navigate to Stripe > Products and create the product with the recurring price.
  • Set a price and toggle on “recurring”. Choose a billing period (ex. every 2 weeks, every 30 days).

Step 2: Set up the Funnel product to match the Stripe account.

  • Navigate to Funnels.
  • Click into the Funnel you wish to update, and choose “Products”
  • Click Edit (for an existing product) or the + icon (for a new product).
  • Fill out the details as you need.
    • NOTE: There are two options for how your product page may display.

If it looks like this:

  • Choose the product type (subscription, one-time, or payment plan) and fill in the appropriate details.
  • Establish the number of payments. If you want to charge $100 in 2 $50 installments over 2 weeks, set the “Number of Payments” to 2. This will automatically stop the payments after 2 weeks of $50.00 payments have been made.
  • Click Update to save your changes.

If it looks like this:

  • Enter the product name, price display override, and choose a product (or create a new one in Stripe).
  • Save to confirm your changes.

You’re now ready to use the payment plan in the funnel.

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