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How to Import Products From Stripe

If you have one or more products already set up in your Stripe account and want to import them into your system, you can do so with a few easy steps. This will allow you to save time building products to price if you already have them setup within your Stripe account. Follow along below to learn how to import them:

Step 1: Ensure your Stripe account is integrated.

  • Navigate to Payments > Integrations and ensure that your Stripe account is connected. (If not, follow our Stripe Integration tutorial to learn how.)

Step 2: Import the Product from Stripe

  • Under Payments > Products you’ll see a blue “Import from Stripe” button.
  • Click to open a new window.
  • From the dropdown, select the product you wish to import and click “Import Product & Price”.
    • NOTE: Only LIVE mode prices can be imported. Also, if the system already has the Stripe price, it won’t appear in the import dropdown.
  • You’ll be redirected to a view of the newly imported product. You can view the details, add another price, edit the product, or delete the product.
  • NOTE: If you click the trashcan icon to delete the product, a popup window will appear and you’ll need to type in DELETE to confirm you wish to proceed, as the action cannot be undone.
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