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How to Create and Edit Categories in Memberships

Within the Membership section, you can create categories of products from templates or use a DIY build-your-own option. Follow these quick steps to get started with creating and editing categories in the Membership Section.

  • Navigate to Memberships > Products > All Products.
  • Click “Create Product” or click into an existing one.
  • If you create a new product, you can choose from 4 template options: Sprint Course, Marathon Course, Membership, or Build-Your-Own.
  • Click “Start Building” to create from one of the templates. 
  • Name your category and give it a description. Choose whether it’s published, drafted, or in drip mode. You can also add a thumbnail.
  • Here you can add posts to the category. (You can also do this from the main page for the category.)
  • Click Save to confirm your changes.
  • Repeat this process for any additional categories you wish to add.
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