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Converting Funnel Steps and Website Pages Within Your System

If you want to convert or import a funnel or website page into a new funnel or website you are building, you can do so using the import feature. This will save you time and allow you to work efficiently in your Funnel and Website builders, so you don’t have to start from scratch if you want to duplicate or copy information. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Within the funnel or website section, click the “+Add New Step” button to add a new page to your funnel or website.

Step 2: In the popup, name the path and page.

Step 3: Click “Create Funnel Step” to close the pop up. (A new window will appear in the funnel preview area.)

Step 4: Click “Use Existing” to choose a funnel step or website page to import.

Step 5: In the popup, choose “Funnel” or “Website” then choose the funnel and step or the website and page, using the dropdown menus.

(You can then choose if you want to use this as the control or variation page if you are doing split testing.)

Step 6: Click “Import”.

Pro Tips:

  • The Import Funnel/Website feature imports only a single funnel step or website page; not the entire funnel or website.
  • This only works for funnels/websites within your system, not third party providers
    • NOTE: Check out our other tutorial on how to import from Clickfunnels.
  • Changes to any imported step/page will not reflect back to the original step/page you imported/copied from.
  • This feature will not import configured products or associated stats from the original funnel step used as the source. You will need to configure the product for the new step.
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