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How to Build and Edit an Offer in Memberships

Follow these steps to make an offer for your membership course.

Step 1: Creating Your Offer

  • Navigate to offers and click on “create offer”.
  • Name the offer and then select the product you will offer.
  • (You will need to create a product ahead of time before you can make it a membership offer. )
  • Once you’ve chosen the product, choose the price you want to charge for your offer.
  • Click “create.”

Step 2: Building Out Your Membership

  • Edit the title. (Optional: choose an internal nickname.)
  • Fill out the offer description. 
  • Confirm that you have chosen the correct product. You can add more than one product if you want to create a bundle offer.
  • Confirm the price of your offer.
  • Select a payment option (choose 1 of 3): Free, One-time payment, or Subscription.
    • If you want to use a subscription, you will need to set up a Stripe account and create a Stripe plan. 
  • Choose an image that will be displayed alongside your course.
  • Select “publish” and save.

Step 3: Preview your Membership

  • Click the preview link to see what your offer will look like as a web page. 
  • If you want to share this page with others, click on “get link” to copy the url.

NOTE: In the preview mode, the “Track Progress” and “Mark as Complete” functionality won’t operate, since you’re viewing everything from a preview setting. To actually test these, you will need to log in to the membership area with actual credentials.

Customization Tips:

  • If you want to make additional edits, click “edit checkout”. This section will allow you to customize with even more options. 
  • Under “Offer Details” you can edit the title as well as the banner.
  • You can add a video or edit the poster you previously uploaded.
  • You can also add a logo which will appear in the corner of the poster.
  • You can add a request for extra contact info such as a the contact’s address and phone number. 
  • You can also add a service agreement. You can write your own agreement or use the default agreement provided. 

Step 4: Completing the Setup and Viewing your Course

  • When finished editing the checkout page, click Save.
  • Navigate back to Offers, and you’ll see what you just created!
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