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Mailgun Setup Using GoDaddy

This article will show you how to setup your custom domain in Mailgun with GoDaddy as the host.You can follow a similar process with any DNS provider, but this article will show you the specific steps using GoDaddy.

Step 1: Create your subdomain in Mailgun

  • Log in to your Mailgun account and your GoDaddy (or other DNS provider) account. 
  • Select the domain you want to use for Mailgun from your GoDaddy account. You will set-up a subdomain for Mailgun so it’s ok to choose a domain that is being utilized elsewhere. 
  • Navigate to your Mailgun account, select Domains from the menu at the top. Then click Add New Domain.
  • Create a subdomain such as or and enter it in the Domain Name field.
  • You can leave all other settings as default.
  • Click Add Domain 

Step 2: Setup the Subdomain.

  • In Mailgun, you will see the DNS entries; 2 TXT records, 2 MX records, and 1 CNAME. Go back to GoDaddy DNS provider. Now you will set up the DNS entries. 
  • Choose Type from the dropdown menu to add the DNS entry.
  • Here are the record types shown in Mailgun. NOTE: Do not use these exact record hosts as they the hosts will be specific to the domain you are setting up.  
    • Type: TXT ; Host: replies ; Value: paste from Mailgun page. Save
    • (Repeat for 2nd TXT record.)
    • Type: MX ; Host: replies ; Points to: paste from Mailgun page ; Priority: 10 ; TTL: leave defaulted to 1 hour.
    • (Repeat for 2nd MX record.)
    • Type: CNAME ; Host: email.replies ; Points to: enter value ; TTL: leave defaulted to 1 hour

Step 3: Click “Verify DNS Settings”.

  • All 5 should have the green check mark. If any do not, check the record and re-attempt. 

NOTE: If the green check marks are not showing up, you’ll want to ensure that the Host pieces for each record only have the sub-domain piece of the total record. For example, if the total record is, you would only put in 

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