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How To Add a Chat Widget to a WordPress Site

Follow these steps to add a chat widget to a WordPress site:

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress site. Navigate to Plug-ins > Add New.

Step 2: Search for “Lead Connector” Click Install Now, then Activate.

Step 3: Once activated, you’ll now see “Lead Connector” as a menu option on the left side of your dashboard.

Step 4: Click into Lead Connector to access the settings page.

Step 5: Back in the CRM, navigate to Settings > Business Info > Company Data, and copy your API key under “Company Data”.

Step 6: Paste the API key from the CRM into the API Key field in WordPress.

Step 7: Check the box to enable the widget. Confirm or edit your heading and subheading. Click Save.

Step 8: Open your WordPress site, and you should see the widget in the bottom right corner.

These chat widget communications will appear in your conversations tab of the CRM.

NOTE: Check out our other article “How to Add a Chat Widget to Funnels and Websites” to learn how to customize and add a chat widget to funnel pages and websites built directly in the system.

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