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How to Integrate A Calendar Using Calendar Bridge

This article will walk you through how to integrate a Calendar in your account using Calendar Bridge. Calendar Bridge is an application that can sync multiple calendars. If you have a 3rd party calendar, other than Google or Outlook, you can sync it to a Google Calendar, and sync that Google calendar with the system (using the Google calendar as a ‘bridge’).

NOTEWe have specific integration tutorials for Google or Outlook Calendars individually. Please follow those in-depth articles for each calendar integration step-by-step. Or, follow along below for any other 3rd party calendars you wish to integrate.

Step 1: Get Started with Calendar Bridge

  • Create a Calendar Bridge account at
  • Select “Connect Calendar Account” and proceed to connect your calendar accounts. (Here you will need your 3rd party calendar and a Google Calendar.)
  • Once you’ve completed connecting both accounts, select “Start Syncing Calendars” on the next screen.
  • Select ‘Source’ Calendar as the calendar you wish to integrate and ‘Destination’ Calendar as the Gmail Calendar and proceed making your Sync selections. 

Step 2: Integrate Google Account with CRM

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Select ‘Connect Google Account’
  • Proceed with Google Integration Steps 
  • Either assign Google calendar to an account calendar or assign to your user
    • NOTE: If you’d like to assign to your user, you can do so in Settings > Team Management > Select User > Scroll down to ‘Calendar Integrations’ > Select Google Calendar
  • Navigate to Schedule > Calendar > Select desired calendar (either user calendar or account calendar) and confirm that all necessary schedules are reflected. 
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