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Opportunities Overview

This is an overview of your opportunities tab. To start, you can see the default view all your opportunities or leads, whichever you prefer to call them.

Step 1: Filtering the Opportunities

  • There are options to to filter the Opportunities section to view specific opportunities over a period of time. You can view all time, or small to large increments of time.
    • If you have any specifications of a timeframe that you’d like to view your leads for this is where you can do that.
    • You can view the date that the leads were added.
    • You can also sort by ascending/descending.
  • You can also filter by pipeline, owner, and campaigns.

Step 2: How to Add an Opportunity

  • Click the +New and fill out the popup window to create a new opportunity.

Step 3: Downloading Opportunity Information

  • Click the download icon to download Opportunity information

Step 4: Use “Additional Info” as a tool for filtering.

  • This section will remember what you’ve previously selected. You can filter by leads that have an assigned task, calendar events, notes, etc.

When viewing your opportunities, you can click into one and view tags, open a conversation, contact the person, add a task, and more!

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