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Using The DND Feature

The DND “Do Not Disturb” feature allows you to maintain Contact records, staying in communication with your Contacts as they wish for you to do so. You may have contacts who unsubscribe from emails or SMS communications, but you still want to keep their information in your records. Or, perhaps a Contact informs you they want to receive emails but not SMS communications, or vice versa. You can manually enable/disable DND for specific communication channels, or all communication channels in your system.

This feature is useful in order for you to respect your Contacts’ communication preferences, and it also may help your emails and SMS communications to not be flagged or marked as spam by a provider (as you are giving them the option to “Unsubscribe” rather than them having to report your messages as spam). This can help ensure a smooth process for your future communications coming from your system.

The DND feature is something you can set for a contact, or if they ‘unsubscribe’ they can self-enable the DND. Follow these steps to learn how to manually enable or disable the DND feature, as well as some pro tips:

Step 1: Enabling or disabling DND for a Contact Record:

  • Navigate to a Contact Record.
  • Scroll down the “Contact” panel on the left.
  • Under “DND” you’ll see checkboxes for DND all channels, or individual channels for aspects of the system you may use to communicate with contacts – from Email, SMS, FB messenger, and more.
  • Check the appropriate box(es) to enable the DND as you wish
  • Save the contact record

Pro Tips for Using the DND Feature: The DND feature can be automated for use in several ways.

  • You can create and use an unsubscribe link (check out our tutorial on unsubscribe links) to include in emails or SMS communications.
  • You can set keyword triggers for a reply channel to enable the DND: for example, if someone replies “Stop” or “Opt Out” to a Facebook Messenger message, SMS, or a GMB message, they can be placed under DND status.
  • You can automate Workflow events based on a trigger of the DND status being enabled or disabled.

NOTE: If a contact record unsubscribes to a communication from your system, it will default to enable the DND for all channels (i.e. if they unsubscribe from email, they will be unsubscribed from everything.) If they let you know they still do want to receive messages on certain platforms, you can manually update their DND statuses for each channel, using the checkboxes, to re-enable communication in a certain channel.

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