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Membership Triggers Overview for the Workflow Builder

The membership triggers within Workflows allow you to automate features using “if, then” scenarios so that “if” something occurs, “then” one or more action is triggered to occur. We have several tutorials that provide great overviews on the concept of triggers, as well as Workflows, so check them out to learn more if you need an overview of each!

In this article specifically, we will focus on the membership triggers within the Workflow builder. 

Step 1: What are the Membership Trigger Options?

  • Category Completed: runs when a category of specified product gets completed
  • Membership New Signup: a customer/lead subscribed for a membership
    • This will provide both email AND password, only on the initial sign-up.
  • Offer Access Granted: runs when access to offer is granted
  • Offer Access Removed:runs when access to offer is removed
  • Product Access Granted: runs when access to product is granted
  • Product Access Removed: runs when access to product is removed Product Completed: runs when product is completed
  • User Login: runs when user logs in to membership

Step 2: How To Use the Membership Triggers

  • Navigate into a Workflow.
  • Click “Add New Workflow Trigger” at the top.
  • In the popup on the right, name your Workflow Trigger (optional).
  • Choose a Workflow Trigger from the dropdown (scroll towards the bottom of the list for Membership Triggers).
  • Click “Save Trigger” to add the trigger to your Workflow.

Pro Tips:

  • In Workflows, you can have several triggering events set to fire off the same series of actions. Perhaps you want one Workflow to run when an Offer Access is granted or a Product Access is granted. Both triggers can be used in the same workflow.
  • You can add filters to the Workflow triggers to add further specification for how they operate. When adding a Workflow Trigger, click “Add filters” and choose one or more. (In the example below, we filtered out a specific product so the Workflow would run when a specific product access is granted. Without this specification of a particular product, the trigger would run for any product access granted.) 
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