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Tags Overview

The tag feature is a great way to organize your contacts. Adding and removing tags will help you determine specific actions and stages that a contact is at (similar but more granular than a pipeline stage). You can add more than one tag to contact. 

How to Add & Remove Tags:

  • When importing a list of new contacts, you can add tags to some contacts in the spreadsheet you upload, or apply a tag to the list as a whole. (Refer to the “How to Import Contacts” article for the step-by-step.)
  • A tag can be manually applied or removed within an individual contact record. 
  • A trigger can also be set up to apply or remove a tag to contact records. (Refer to the “How to Build and Utilize Triggers” article for the step-by-step.) Some options for the trigger action to prompt the tag-add are call status, updated appointment status, specified email(s) being sent, form submission, and more.
  • The Bulk Actions within the Contacts section can be used to use a select-and-tag option. Check the box next to desired contacts, click the ‘Add Tag’ Icon at the top, and apply the desired tag. (This can be used to remove a tag too.)

How to Use Tags

  • Tags can be used in the Smart Lists/Contacts to filter down to a specific group of leads/customers that you want to see. 
  • Tags are used to define a group of leads in order to send a Bulk Request (think Newsletter, Email Blast, etc.)

NOTE: Tags should not contain special characters. The system will technically allow you to create a tag with a special character, such as “This & That” or “#Yes” but it will not pull the list of contacts properly if the tag has a special character. We recommend using text only (space are ok.)

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